Interesting People Reading Interesting Things #16


Interesting People Reading Interesting Things #16

from 12.00

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

6:30 pm-9:00 pm

75 Farrand Park, Highland Park Michigan 48203

stor·y time

noun: storytime

  1. a regular time at which a story is read aloud.

  2. a time when a story is told to a group of assembled people.

    1. Storytime precedes bedtime for some children.

    2. Many public libraries offer storytime on a regular schedule.

Storytime for adults is just that- It’s an hour and a half on a weekend morning to listen as an interesting person reads an interesting thing. After the reader finishes reading there’ll be a discussion and a bit of time for questions with the reader. The reader is announced but their choice of book, newspaper, poems, script, or anything else is kept secret until story-time.

Interesting Things Read by Interesting People is a monthly event at The Detroit History Club. For the sixteenth installment, our reader is Gerald Wykes.

Gerald Wykes is a retired museum and nature center director and freelance author, illustrator, and presenter. His 2014 Michigan History Magazine article "A Weed Goes to War" was honored as "Best Article of the Year" by the Michigan Historical Society. He also occasionally steps out from behind the drawing board as the French-Canadian storyteller Alexander Boyer. In 2017 "A Beaver Tale" was awarded first place honors in both the children's literature and illustration categories by the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. If you’d like a signed copy of A Beaver Tale you can select the “Book Included” option at check out.

A light snack and drinks will be served.

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Detroit History Club events are for persons twenty-one years old and up. We drink, we swear, we talk about things, and we’d love for you to join us. Whether you come as a couple, a group, or a singleton, our events are designed to encourage you to make new friends, explore ideas, and learn- all while eating, drinking, dancing, and generally behaving in a way that makes us proud to call ourselves Detroiters. We would like to remind you that this event is taking place in a private home; your respect is greatly appreciated

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