Stargazing Sail Aboard the Tallship The Appledore IV

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Stargazing Sail Aboard the Tallship The Appledore IV

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For millennia humans have laid on their backs and gazed up at the heavens, searching the stars for navigation and inspiration. The stars helped French explorers map the future city of Detroit. They guided the earliest native population with their steadfast glow. And for generations it's been the sky that Detroit’s lovers have stolen kisses beneath. For two nights only slip away with The Detroit History Club and the crew of the Appledore IV for a late night stargazing voyage down the Detroit River and out into Lake Saint Claire. You'll sip champagne and nibble Bon Bon Bon chocolate as you glide over the waves and hear the stories of Detroit after dark. Whether you're single, coupled, or spending an evening with friends, we hope you'll stay up late to join us for a midnight toast to the city that Marvin Gaye said “turned out to be heaven”, beneath the heavens.

Boarding will begin at 9:40 pm and the ship will set sail at 10:00 pm from The Port of Detroit. Those who arrive after 9:45 pm are not allowed to board. The port is located in front of the RenCen at 130 Atwater St, Detroit, MI 48226

The most convenient parking is at Miller Garage. Link here:

The ship sails in all types of weather and we highly recommend a good pair of shoes and weather appropriate clothing, including a jacket or windbreaker.

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