The All Detroit Scavenger Hunt


The All Detroit Scavenger Hunt

from 90.00

Saturday, November 17th, 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Are you a super sleuth? Can you put together clues and track stories back through history? Are you ready to see Detroit, Highland Park, and Hamtramck in a whole new way? Are you ready to be a scavenger hunt champion in the City of Champions? Join The Detroit History Club for a day you’ll never forget as we explore the Motor City by any means necessary. Teams will arrive to the Tangent Gallery Space by 2:00 pm, once assembled each team will be given their Scavenger Hunt Bag, and for four hours the city is yours to explore with delight, but also with a mission. It will be up to your team to solve the riddles to locate the correct artifacts, hunt down the moving targets of historical figures, and complete challenges for bonus points.

Smarts outweigh speed and strategy will be required. The hunt is designed to be impossible for a team to complete. The idea being that you’ll need to chose which way to go: do you grab dozens of easy two point questions or try to snag the massive twenty five point bonuses. Do you go on a collection spree gathering together the prize items from our friends around the city to win or do you think your team can get all the photo challenges done to claim victory?. As the time ticks down, your team will make their way back to our starting location where you’ll turn in your answers, and enjoy a coney dog dinner of gluttonous proportions, a cash bar will also be available. The team with the most points is the winner. First, second, and third place winning teams will leave with great Detroit themed prizes, Detroit History Club swag, and of course bragging rights.

The Scavenger Hunt starts and ends at Tangent Gallery & Hastings Street Ballroom, 715 East Milwaukee Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a member of The Detroit History Club to participate?

Yes, But its easy and cheap to join. Because The Detroit History Club operates as a members-only club, out of private homes, hidden spaces, and secret locations, you’ll need to join before being able to buy tickets to events.  At checkout you’ll be asked if you are already a member; if not, select “New Member.” Membership to The Detroit History Club is five dollars per calendar year.  Each person attending an event must have a membership of their own.  Membership cards may be picked up at the first event you attend as a new member, and new cards are issued at the first event you attend each year.  

How much are tickets?

The cost is 45.00 dollars a person.

  • You will select the number of team members from the drop down tab and pay for the whole team at once. 1 ticket for a five person team covers all five players.

What’s included for my 45.00 bucks?

The scavenger hunt, Coney dogs and Bettermade chips, prizes galore, tons of history learning fun!

Do we have to register as a team?

Yes. When you check out it will ask for your team size. You must register and pay as a single team.

What time do I need to be to Tangent Gallery to start the race?

Doors open at 1:30 and the hunt starts at 2:00 pm. Late teams will be disqualified.

Do I need to have my own team?

YES. This scavenger hunt we will NOT form you into teams when you arrive. You MUST sign up and come as a team. Teams can be 2-6 players however we reminded you to consider the restraints of your vehicles and make your team choices accordingly. Select the size of your team in the drop down menu. All teams must pay and register as a team. At check out you’ll be prompted to complete information about each member.

  • If you have to change a member before the event just have your new member sign in with the old members name at event check in.

Adults only?

Yes. Everyone must be over 21 years old and bring a valid ID to participate.

Do we have to have a car?

No. You can use the Bird Scooters, bring bikes or grab a MOGO, ride the Q-Line, or walk the whole thing. Without a car or use of Uber you will not make it to as many of the challenges or the farther out locations (but that could be your strategy).

What's the legal end of this? Who’s responsible for me?

You are responsible for yourself. Every member of your team must sign a waiver and release form before the event starts. Late arrivals will not be able to participate.

What if my team is late getting back at the end of the race?

All guests who arrive back at Tangent Gallery after the official end time will be docked points in accordance with the rules of the game.

What if I want to drink booze at the end of this thing?

Absolutely, we’ve got you covered. There will be a cash bar at the end of the scavenger hunt for you to enjoy with your included meal.

What do we need to bring?

  • At least one member of your team will need to have a cell phone capable of taking, texting, and storing 20 photos. Selfie sticks are totally allowed but not required.

  • Good shoes. Sneakers are recommended.

  • A good attitude

  • Valid ID

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