The Detroit History Club Krewe - MARCHE DU NAIN ROUGE


The Detroit History Club Krewe - MARCHE DU NAIN ROUGE


Don’t bring around a history club to rain on my parade….

March 25th, 2018, 10:30am - 2:30pm(ish)

Meet at The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAD) parking lot- 4454 Woodward Ave.  Detroit, MI 48201

Since Detroit’s founding, the city has been haunted, terrorized, and all together harassed by our own personal harbinger of doom- The Nain Rouge.  He's been rumored to appear before terrible occurrences befall Detroit, since the time of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac’s founding of the city, when he'd spoiled the cheese in the larder, to the polling booths the night Kwame Kilpatrick was elected.  He danced in the flames of the great fire of 1805, and cut the power lines during the ice storm of 1976.  Every year, the citizens of our fine city band together to fight back in a style only Detroit can do: the Marche du Nain Rouge.  This year the Detroit History Club has been invited to join in the parade.  We chose the theme “Detroiters of the Past” as our group “float” entry.  So you’ll need to show up dressed up as your favorite historical Detroiter.  

Rosie the Riveter- great.  Rosa Parks- awesome.  The Pistons “Bad Boys” of ‘89/’90- love it!  French settlers- in particular Antronie or Marie Cadillac- badass.  Henry Ford, John and Horace Dodge, or Billy Durant- our eternal love.  Fleeing British soldiers- hysterical.  Your favorite historical Detroit mayor- let the debate begin, whatever you'd like- but please, please, please be respectful, smart, and not a jackass.  End of the day, if we feel your costume is offensive, we'll refund your money and kick you out (the “don't be a jackass rule” is in full effect).  

We've enlisted the help of our friends at MOCAD who have generously agreed to let the Detroit History Club krewe park for free at their museum.  We will gather there at 10:30 am, to enjoy sweet, sweet, free parking, an open MOCAD cafe (in case you'd like to buy coffee or tea,) and clean, private bathrooms!  You'll check in at the parking lot, where you’ll be given a bag of custom Detroit History Tours Marche du Nain Rouge buttons; one to keep for yourself, and a handful to toss to the crowd.  We will pose for a group photo, and then march down four blocks to the start of the parade.  We will rendezvous with our illustrious friend and her giant French canoe, and at 1:00pm the parade begins- with you in the middle of the fun.  We will march over to the Masonic Temple, chasing the Nain the whole way, as he is once again pushed from the city.  From there, you're on your own.  You can move at your own pace, back to your cars, which we'll be kept at MOCAD until 5:00pm at no cost to you.


Things to know:

-We want to be super clear: The Marche du Nain Rouge is a free, public event.  You can just go and show up and have a fantastic time from noon until 2:00pm on your own.  But, if you’d like to march with the Detroit History Club krewe, we are asking you to chip in to support the great team at Marche du Nain Rouge, and toward our float giveaway buttons.

-You must be able to walk four miles at a slow pace in order to participate in this event.*

**Consider your shoe choice for the parade.

-Your $6.00 fee covers your parking, buttons for giveaways, and a donation to the Marche Du Nain Rouge Parade.

-You’ll want to bring your phone or a camera, this is some of the best people watching of the year.

-If you think you’ll get hungry, throw a snack in your pocket.  It’s a super fun day but you’ll be hard-pressed to exit the route for a meal stop.

-The parade attracts thousands of participants and spectators, everyone from marching bands to rolling pieces of art will be there.

-Have a costume crazy idea and want to run it by us?  Email us at

-This is the ninth year of the Marche; it's a dedicated staff of volunteers, but it is also grassroots.  You’ll see AMAZING costumes, wild performers, and great Detroit spirit- but things may not run perfectly on time.  Stay flexible, enjoy the craziness, keep your eyes open for the Nain Rouge!

-A “Krewe” is a team or group entry into a parade.  We hope you’ll join ours.

From the official announcement of the parade: What is Marche du Nain Rouge?

Every March around the Equinox, thousands of revelers gather for a parade through Midtown Detroit to celebrate their city. They wear grand costumes, build spectacular floats, roll out marching bands and krewes representing all corners of the city. Will the Nain Rouge — Detroit’s legendary harbinger of doom — appear at the Marche du Nain Rouge, armed with witty barbs and a half-baked scheme to take Detroiters down a notch?  Come to the parade and find out!

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Because The Detroit History Club operates as a members-only club, out of private homes, hidden spaces, and secret locations, you’ll need to join before being able to buy tickets to events.  At checkout you’ll be asked if you are already a member; if not, select “New Member.”  Membership to The Detroit History Club is five dollars per calendar year.  Each person attending an event must have a membership of their own.  Membership cards may be picked up at the first event you attend as a new member, and new cards are issued at the first event you attend each year.  Parking is on-street and at your own risk (we’ve never once had an issue, but the lawyers insist we include the disclaimer). 

Detroit History Club events are for persons twenty-one years old and up normally; however, ALL AGES WELCOME FOR THE PARADE AS LONG AS WE CAN SWEAR IN FRONT OF THEM AND THEY CAN WALK FOUR MILES.  We drink, we swear, we talk about things, and we’d love for you to join us.  Whether you come as a couple, a group, or a singleton, our events are designed to encourage you to make new friends, explore ideas, and learn- all while eating, drinking, dancing, and generally behaving in a way that makes us proud to call ourselves Detroiters.


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