The great oath of The Detroit History Club

I solemnly swear, to learn with excitement, explore with vigor, share what I know, and represent the great city of Detroit (Highland Park and Hamtramck) with pride, honor, and a good sense of humor.

So help me Cadillac, this i do swear.



The Detroit History Club operates as a members-only club. We exist in the brightest of shadowy places. Holding expertly curated events out of private homes, hidden spaces, and secret locations. We welcome anyone to join our noble ranks... as long as they aren't an asshole. 

We require all members to be over 21 years of age and generally friendly. You’ll need to join before being able to buy tickets to club events.  Membership to The Detroit History Club is five dollars per person per calendar year. Each person attending an event must have a membership of their own. Membership cards may be picked up at the first event you attend as a new member, if bought in the same order as a event ticket. If you're purchasing your membership exclusively, your card will ship USPS.  

There is an oath but, it isn't secret. There are no hidden hand signals. There isn't a secret password. There aren't uniforms or badges for accomplishments. There are no ranks. It's just a damn fine group of people who salvate for the extraordinary, wallow in the weird, and absolutely love the stories of Detroit’s past. Won’t you join us?



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The Detroit History Club Box

This year we decided to make the private musings of the team open to the entire club. The things we love, the stuff that makes us excited, and the beautiful creations of our friends we wear with pride. In 2018 we are offering an exclusive Detroit History Club members box. For forty-five dollars (free shipping) it can be added to any new or renewed membership. It will ship out the first week of 2018 and include goodies specially chosen by our staff. Made in the city we love, with a history as rich as possible. From the homemade games, we play with each other, to craftswoman-made gear we wear with pride, and the cards we love to send and receive n the mail, this treasure trove is something special. Unisex and beautifully shipped, it makes a great holiday gift. But, because it won’t ship until after the first of the year, you can download and print this certificate for gift-giving purposes.

Don't ask us to tell you what's inside- we won't. It's a surprise, an oddity, and like everything we do - a little bit of an adventure. 

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